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Year: 2005

December 29, 2005. Nubian Museum Celebrates History and Culture of Southern Egypt
December 29, 2005. Journal Article on Conflict Resolution Added to Website
December 22, 2005. Threats to Ladakhi Culture and Peacefulness
December 22, 2005. Engaging New Book Examines the “Human Potential for Peace” [book review]
December 15, 2005. Inuit Media Outreach at Climate Change Conference
December 15, 2005. How Can Anyone Think the Amish Are Fundamentalists? [book review]
December 8, 2005. Return of the Tristan Islanders
December 8, 2005. De Beers Bends Under Pressure
December 1, 2005. Spanking Fosters Anxiety and Aggression [journal article review]
December 1, 2005. Preserving Cultural Values: Schooling for Hutterites and Semai
November 24, 2005. Elderly Ju/’hoansi and Their Grandchildren
November 24, 2005. Birhor in Danger of Extinction
November 17, 2005. Holiday Gift Suggestions: Books for Peaceful People [book review]
November 17, 2005. World Leaders Pontificate about Peaceful Societies
November 10, 2005. Update on Piaroa/New Tribes Mission Story
November 10, 2005. Does Amish Shunning Violate Civil Law?
November 3, 2005. Venezuelan Indian Groups Rally for New Tribes Mission
November 3, 2005. Hutterite Families from the Perspectives of their Teachers [journal article review]
October 27, 2005. New Party Wins Election in Ladakh
October 27, 2005. Country Foods Give Inuit Identities—Most of the Time [journal article review]
October 20, 2005. Semai Frustrations Produce Fear, Not Anger
October 20, 2005. Papers on Human Sociality Planned for AAAS Meeting
October 13, 2005. Well-Being among Thai Elders [journal article review]
October 13, 2005. Update on Ju/’hoansi Gender Relations and Spouse Abuse
October 6, 2005. Mental Aberration among the Semai
October 6, 2005. Alternative Nobel Prizes Awarded
September 29, 2005. Tahitian Dance Mirrors Social Status [journal article review]
September 29, 2005. Paliyan Gods Heal Illnesses and Solve Problems
September 22, 2005. Effective Conflict Resolution Fosters Semai Peacefulness
September 22, 2005. New Hutterite Store Opens Successfully in South Dakota
September 15, 2005. Inuit Suicide Has Cultural Roots [journal article review]
September 15, 2005. Batek Practice Gender Equality
September 8, 2005. Semai Build Mapping Skills to Overcome Developers
September 8, 2005. Piaroa Approaches to Nonviolence: New PDF Added to Website
September 1, 2005. Respect and Peacefulness: Recent Paliyan Article Added to Website
September 1, 2005. Rural Migration into Leh: Unique Situation for Ladakh [journal article review]
August 25, 2005. Ifaluk Canoe Building Fosters International Friendship
August 25, 2005. Justifiable Anger Fosters Peacefulness on Ifaluk Island
August 18, 2005. Respect and Peacefulness: Recent Paliyan Article Added to Website
August 18, 2005. New Boulding Biography Reviews a Remarkable Life for Peace [book review]
August 18, 2005. Elise Boulding Becomes Website Patron
August 11, 2005. Guelaguetza and Gifting in Oaxaca and San Diego
August 11, 2005. Ju/’hoansi Gender and Political Relationships Highlight New Website PDF
August 4, 2005. Old Nubia Slips Beneath the Waves [book review]
August 4, 2005. Outstanding Article on the Zapotec Added to Website
July 28, 2005. Lepchas Seek Better Status in West Bengal
July 28, 2005. Why the Fipa Adopted Peacefulness: Another Article Scanned
July 21, 2005. Thai Women Cherish Motherhood [journal article review]
July 21, 2005. Important Semai Article Added to Website
July 14, 2005. Orang Asli Rarely Have Headaches
July 14, 2005. Summer Vacation Reading, Part 3: The Amish of Indiana [book review]
July 7, 2005. Protests Continue on Behalf of the San Peoples
July 7, 2005. Summer Vacation Reading, Part 2: Articles on the Batek and the Ju/’hoansi
June 30, 2005. Summer Vacation Reading, Part 1: The Inuit, the Mounties, and Canadian Justice [book review]
June 30, 2005. Hutterite Woman Runs a Half-Marathon
June 23, 2005. Mbuti Help a Forest Research Facility Survive [magazine article review]
June 23, 2005. Website Adds Two More Articles to Archive.
June 16, 2005. Peacefulness in Ladakh, Part 2: Buddhist Monks Suppress Rivalry [journal article review]
June 16, 2005. Peacefulness in Ladakh, Part 1: Designate a Peace Mountain
June 9, 2005. Archive of Articles on Peaceful Societies Inaugurated
June 9, 2005. Lancaster County Celebrates “Witness” Anniversary
June 2, 2005. Migrants Support Their Traditional Zapotec Communities [journal article review]
June 2, 2005. Tensions Grow in Botswana over G/wi Appeal
May 26, 2005. The Mbuti and Their Neighbors: Differing Interpretations [journal article review]
May 26, 2005. Is a Free Society Necessarily a Peaceful Society?
May 19, 2005. Malaysian Discrimination against the Orang Asli
May 19, 2005. Conversion Disorder among Amish Girls [journal article review]
May 12, 2005. Rural Thai Tolerate Transvestites and Transsexuals
May 12, 2005. Forest Degradation Affects Birhor Society [journal article review]
May 5, 2005. Yacht Destroyed on Coast of Tristan da Cunha
May 5, 2005. Ju/’hoansi Puncture Helpers-at-the-Nest Theory [journal article review]
April 28, 2005. Peace and Violence, Ladakh and the US: Contrasts [anthology chapter review]
April 28, 2005. US State Department Criticizes Discrimination Against G/wi.
April 21, 2005. Zapotec Godmothers Keep the Peace [anthology chapter review]
April 21, 2005. UN Report Condemns Human Rights Violations of Inuit
April 14, 2005. Violence Continues in Ituri Region of Congo.
April 14, 2005. Developing Skills and Confidence of Older Amish Women [journal article review]
April 7, 2005. Thai Women Migrants More Altruistic than Men [journal article review]
April 7, 2005. Cultural Assimilation and Change among the Batek
March 31, 2005. Hutterite Colony Expansion Stirs Controversy and Anger
March 31, 2005. Ifaluk Food Sharing Best Described as Mutualism [journal article review]
March 24, 2005. Religious Basis for Malaysian Discrimination against Orang Asli [anthology chapter review]
March 24, 2005. Ju/’hoansi Contract AIDS Less than Other Africans
March 18, 2005. Violence Threatens the Peaceful Societies of North India, Part 3: The Roots of Conflict in Ladakh [book review]
March 18, 2005. Birthday of Benito Juárez, Important Mexican Holiday
March 14, 2005. New Structure for Website News and Reviews Planned
March 10, 2005. The Hutterites: A Highly Successful Communal Society [journal article review]
March 10, 2005. Violence Threatens the Peaceful Societies of North India, Part 2 of a Series, Lepchas Designated as a “Scheduled Tribe”
March 3, 2005. Piaroa Homegardens Provide Focus for Socializing [journal article review]
March 3, 2005. Violence Threatens the Peaceful Societies of North India, Part 1 of a Series, The Naxalites and the Birhor
February 24, 2005. Inuit Hunters Share Meat, But Not as Exchanges [journal article review]
February 24, 2005. Batek Persuaded to Abandon Nomadic Lifestyle
February 17, 2005. Indiana Amish Refuse to Fight in American Wars [book review]
February 17, 2005. Reformers Win Tahitian Elections But Deadlock Remains
February 10, 2005. Forceful Mediators Foster Rural Thai Harmony [journal article review]
February 10, 2005. Two Ladakhi Women Hope to Climb Everest
February 3, 2005. Have the Birhor Been Roped into Social Changes? [book review]
February 3, 2005. Amish and Hutterites Not Threatened by the Draft
January 27, 2005. Inuit Language Offers Wide Emotional Nuances [journal article review]
January 27, 2005. Traditional G/wi Hunting Rights Defended
January 20, 2005. Peaceful Societies Website Inaugurated
January 16, 2005. Semai Community Preserves Rare Rafflesia Blossoms
January 9, 2005. Piaroa Women Cultivate Manioc for Food, Status, and Respect [journal article review]
January 9, 2005. Peaceful Societies Survive Tsunami
January 2, 2005. “Our Souls Live upon the Trees,” Declares Batek Shaman [book review]
January 2, 2005. Buid Refrain from Begging