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Year: 2006

December 28, 2006. Kadars Adapt to Difficulties [review of two journal articles]
December 28, 2006. Christmas Meditations on Peace
December 21, 2006. Rare Malaysian Flowers May Be Threatened by Logging
December 21, 2006. Ladakhi Attitudes Toward Tribal Status [anthology chapter review]
December 21, 2006. Inuit Appeal for Human Rights Rejected
December 14, 2006. Biodiversity and Sustainable Development in Malaysia [unpublished paper review]
December 14, 2006. San Win Major Court Case
December 14, 2006. Amish Hunter Bags Giant Buck
December 7, 2006. Portion of a Ju/’hoansi Film Now Available on the Web
December 7, 2006. Catholic Beliefs, Fipa Adaptations [book review]
December 7, 2006. Cultural Practices Promote HIV/AIDS
November 30, 2006. New Journal Emphasizes Peaceful Societies
November 30, 2006. When Amish Kids Run Wild [book review]
November 23, 2006. The Health of Indigenous Societies in Africa [journal article review]
November 23, 2006. The G/wi Simply Want to Go Home
November 16, 2006. New Newspaper Covers Local Ladakh News
November 16, 2006. Prominent Author Reconsiders Ju/’hoansi [magazine article review]
November 9, 2006. Sex Symbols in Fipa Forges [book review]
November 9, 2006. Amish Experts on a Panel at Penn State
November 2, 2006. Orang Asli Naming [anthology chapter review]
November 2, 2006. High Crime Rates for Canada’s Northern Territories
October 26, 2006. Do the Ju/’hoansi Still Drink the Morning Dew? [journal article review]
October 26, 2006. John Marshall Photos Now Available Through Flickr
October 19, 2006. Report Examines Childhood Development among the Piaroa
October 19, 2006. Nonwarring Societies Develop Peace Systems
October 12, 2006. Nubian Female Genital Mutilation—or Excision [anthology chapter review]
October 12, 2006. Indian Army Celebrates the Military History of Ladakh
October 5, 2006. Mbuti Exhibit Opens at Harvard
October 5, 2006. Violence in an Amish School
September 28, 2006. The Peaceful Moral Order in a Ladakhi Village [journal article review]
September 28, 2006. Indiana County Avoids Anti-Amish Ordinance
September 21, 2006. Building a Culture of Peace in Ladakh
September 21, 2006. Gender Relations in Hutterite Colonies: Who Really Rules the Roost? [book review]
September 14, 2006. Appropriate Tourism Develops in a Ju/’ hoansi Village
September 14, 2006. A Faith in Love, Life, and Peace [book review]
September 7, 2006. Ring a Bell for Peace
September 7, 2006. Amish Patchwork Quilts Foster Lancaster County Identity [journal article review]
August 31, 2006. Inuit Perceptions of History [journal article review]
August 31, 2006. G/wi Court Case To Conclude Shortly
August 24, 2006. Gender Equality in the Education of Thai Children [journal article review]
August 24, 2006. French Atomic Bomb Tests Have Caused Cancer in Tahiti
August 17, 2006. Gender Equality Helps the Ju/’hoansi Avoid Disease
August 17, 2006. Dramatic Forest Photos of the Batek [photography exhibit review]
August 10, 2006. Naxalites Target the Yanadi
August 10, 2006. Buddhist Ladakhi Practice of Death and Dying [journal article review]
August 3, 2006. Lepcha Nature Worship [magazine article review]
August 3, 2006. The Hutterites of Pincher Creek
August 3, 2006. Subject List for Website News and Reviews
July 27, 2006. Eulogy for a Mythic Hero [magazine article review]
July 27, 2006. Imminent Congo Elections and the Mbuti
July 20, 2006. Human Rights of the Zapotec: Collective or Individual [journal article review]
July 20, 2006. Orang Asli Religions and Cultures Challenged
July 13, 2006. Peaceful Societies at the International Peace Research Association Conference, Part 3
July 13, 2006. Injuries to Amish Children in Pennsylvania [journal article review]
July 6, 2006. Naming Practices of the Ju/’hoansi Reflect Male Bias [journal article review]
July 6, 2006. Peaceful Societies at the International Peace Research Association Conference, Part 2
June 29, 2006. Ladakhi Morality Based on Secular Values, Not on Buddhism [journal article review]
June 29, 2006. Peaceful Societies at the International Peace Research Association Conference
June 22, 2006. Internal Controls of Aggression among the Zapotec
June 22, 2006. Buid Elder Remembered
June 15, 2006. Special Issue of Ethos Devoted to Robert Levy [journal article review, part 3 of 3]
June 15, 2006. Lepcha Buddhism Threatened
June 8, 2006. Special Issue of Ethos Devoted to Robert Levy [journal article review, part 2 of 3]
June 8, 2006. Reality TV Will Travel to the Kalahari
June 1, 2006. Hamza El Din, Prominent Nubian Musician Dies
June 1, 2006. Special Issue of Ethos Devoted to Robert Levy [journal article review, part 1 of 3]
May 25, 2006. Return to Tristan da Cunha
May 25, 2006. Consequences of Higher Education for the Amish [journal article review]
May 18, 2006. In Praise of Folly—Piaroa Style [journal article review]
May 18, 2006. Hutterites Win Right to Avoid License Photos
May 11, 2006. Land Ownership and Internal Migration in Rural Thailand [journal article review]
May 11, 2006. Botswana Court Testimonies Conclude, with Beatings around the Bush
May 4, 2006. Anne Eisner Paintings and Mbuti Art [book review]
May 4, 2006. Multiple Religions Foster Peaceful Societies
April 27, 2006. Why Don’t You Kill Your Baby Brother?
April 27, 2006. Kentucky Government Forbids Amish Shunning by Public Businesses
April 20, 2006. Politics, Power, and Equality in Traditional Ladakh [anthology chapter review]
April 20, 2006. Peace Conferences Build Peaceful Societies
April 13, 2006. Namibian Ju/’hoansi Face Discrimination and Poverty [journal article review]
April 13, 2006. Inuit Lifestyle Supports Canadian Territorial Claims
April 6, 2006. Films Pay Tribute to John Marshall
April 6, 2006. Early Humans May Not Have Been Aggressive [anthology chapter review]
March 30, 2006. Ladakhi Women Weavers
March 30, 2006. The Hutterites and the Bruderhof: A Relationship Explored [journal article review]
March 23, 2006. Civil Society, Restorative Justice [blog review]
March 23, 2006. Amish Rebuild a Farm
March 16, 2006. Peaceful Semai Compared to Violent Waorani
March 16, 2006. Batek Commitment to Forest Stewardship [journal article review]
March 9, 2006. A Paliyan Journey, and Other Adventures of an Anthropologist [book review]
March 9, 2006. Hutterites Oppose Photos on Driver’s Licenses
March 2, 2006. Benito Juárez: Role Model for López Obrador
March 2, 2006. Why the Amish Use Libraries [journal article review]
February 23, 2006. Inuit Senses of Identity Focus on Individual Perceptions [journal article review]
February 23, 2006. G/wi Court Case Faces More Delays
February 16, 2006. Quran Desecration Provokes Violence in Ladakh
February 16, 2006. Primates, Peacefulness, and Possibilities for Humanity [journal article review]
February 9, 2006. Kadar Community Threatened by a Major Dam
February 9, 2006. Child Life Among the Ju/’hoansi
February 2, 2006. Cooperatives Important to Zapotec Women [book review]
February 2, 2006. Zapotec Women Exhibit Their Weavings in Salem, Oregon
January 26, 2006. Cruise to Mark Quincentenary of Tristan da Cunha
January 26, 2006. Cooperation and Atomism Essential to Tristan Islanders
January 19, 2006. Guns, Violence, and Thai Robin Hoods [journal article review]
January 19, 2006. Travel Blogger Observes Lepcha Rituals
January 12, 2006. Semai Peacefulness and Waorani Violence: Contrasting Worldviews
January 12, 2006. Buid Love Poetry: Ancient Script, Established Values
January 5, 2006. Tahitians Protest—and Reconcile with Kava
January 5, 2006. Verbal Criticism: Ju/’hoansi Style Punishment [journal article review]