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November 8, 2018. Volunteers Help a Chewong Village
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April 17, 2008. Chewong Village Must Make Way for Progress and Money [video review]
February 28, 2008. Problems with Orang Asli Education
March 22, 2007. Chewong Refuse to Move
March 1, 2007. Orang Asli Lands in a Malay World [journal article review]
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December 14, 2006. Biodiversity and Sustainable Development in Malaysia [unpublished paper review]
November 2, 2006. Orang Asli Naming [anthology chapter review]
July 14, 2005. Orang Asli Rarely Have Headaches
May 19, 2005. Malaysian Discrimination against the Orang Asli
March 24, 2005. Religious Basis for Malaysian Discrimination against Orang Asli [anthology chapter review]