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September 13, 2018. Traditional Lepcha Culture [research report review]
December 21, 2017. The Loss of Traditional Knowledge
November 23, 2017. Innovative Semai Learning Center
September 21, 2017. Inuit Protect the Terror
September 22, 2016. Finding the Terror
April 14, 2016. Inuit Culture and Climate Change [journal article review]
December 3, 2015. Batek Knowledge of Medicinal Plants [journal article review]
October 8, 2015. Theatre Production about Piaroa Gardens
January 22, 2015. The Kadar Preserve their Forests
October 30, 2014. How the Semai Repel Cockroaches [journal article review]
June 26, 2014. Atlas of Inuit Trails
June 27, 2013. Research Facility Emulates Inuit Traditional Knowledge
May 19, 2011. Yanadi Traditional Knowledge Threatened
April 28, 2011. Paliyan Medicinal Plants [journal article review]
July 9, 2009. Traditional Knowledge of the Yanadi Should Be Protected
August 28, 2008. Lepcha Culture Vibrant, But Threatened
April 17, 2008. Birhor Knowledge of Natural Resources
February 28, 2008. Inuit Views of Climate Change [journal article review]
August 9, 2007. Piaroa Local Knowledge and the Politics of Contemporary Venezuela [anthology chapter review]
May 3, 2007. Integrating Traditional Inuit Values into Contemporary Nunavut Government, Part 2, the Legislature [journal article review]
April 26, 2007. Integrating Traditional Inuit Values into Contemporary Nunavut Government: Part 1, the Bureaucracy [journal article review]
August 31, 2006. Inuit Perceptions of History [journal article review]