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September 20, 2018. The Pakumotu Republic of the Tahitians
March 23, 2017. Zapotec Women Strive for Equality
July 24, 2014. Political, Religious, and Community Tensions in Ladakh [journal article review]
March 13, 2014. Ladakh Political Status Challenged
October 24, 2013. Pakumotu Republic Fails to Fly its Flag
October 17, 2013. Oddoul Serves on an Important Egyptian Committee
September 5, 2013. Peaceful Lepcha Responses to Gorkha Agitation
August 22, 2013. Nubians Question Egyptian Developments [magazine article review]
May 30, 2013. Tahitians Vote in a New Government
March 14, 2013. Nubian Delegates Meet President Morsi
December 20, 2012. The Nubians and the Egyptian Referendum
August 23, 2012. Egyptian Islamists Intolerant of Nubian Activist
July 12, 2012. Nubian Progress Inspired by Young Demonstrators
May 17, 2012. A Peaceful Future for the Kargil District of Ladakh
January 26, 2012. Nubians Chafe under Egyptian Military Rule
December 22, 2011. Police Intimidation of Nubians
October 20, 2011. A Fair Settlement for Jammu and Kashmir?
September 29, 2011. Nubians Hopeful
April 21, 2011. Nubian Voters and Their Opinions
October 21, 2010. Indian Government Appoints Peace Panel
March 19, 2009. Rural Thai Politics and the 2006 Military Coup [journal article review]
March 5, 2009. Malaysian Politics and the Rights of the Orang Asli
September 4, 2008. Women Help Resolve Political Conflicts in Rural Thailand [journal article review]
April 20, 2006. Politics, Power, and Equality in Traditional Ladakh [anthology chapter review]