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November 9, 2017. Belittling Success Fosters Equality
October 12, 2017. Semai Foods Help Keep the Peace
June 8, 2017. Treasures of the Nubian Museum
October 27, 2016. Nietzsche versus the Batek
July 21, 2016. Potential Improvements for the G/wi
December 31, 2015. Inuit Woman Revitalizes Sharing
December 10, 2015. The Mbuti and Ayn Rand
July 10, 2014. Children Learn to Be Peaceful the Batek Way [anthology chapter review]
June 12, 2014. Huarime Festival in a Piaroa Community
September 5, 2013. Chewong Choices: Modern or Traditional Values [anthology chapter review]
May 9, 2013. Buid Retain their Peaceful Society [anthology chapter review]
October 18, 2012. Chewong Economic and Social Changes [anthology chapter review]
July 26, 2012. Chewong Peacefulness Despite Social Changes [anthology chapter review]
December 16, 2010. Altruism Is Undercut by Anonymity [journal article review]
February 5, 2009. Irrigation and Sharing in Ladakh [anthology chapter review]
October 2, 2008. Ethnography of Ifaluk Atoll [review of anthology chapter in preparation]
January 12, 2006. Semai Peacefulness and Waorani Violence: Contrasting Worldviews
October 27, 2005. Country Foods Give Inuit Identities—Most of the Time [journal article review]
August 11, 2005. Guelaguetza and Gifting in Oaxaca and San Diego
March 31, 2005. Ifaluk Food Sharing Best Described as Mutualism [journal article review]
February 24, 2005. Inuit Hunters Share Meat, But Not as Exchanges [journal article review]