Auxiliary Audition Requirements

UAB Marching Blazers Auxiliary  Try-Outs

Majorettes, Blazerettes and Colorguard

Audition Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019

UAB Campus Recreation Center

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Majorette Requirements

Hello!!  Thank you for your interest in our program.  We are coming off an amazing 2018 season!!  The season included a record winning season with 11 wins. In addition, we played in our first conference championship game and went on to win, becoming the 2018 Conference USA Football Champions!  We capped off our season with a 4 day trip to Boca Raton, Florida where we had some fun in the sun and performed in the Boca Raton Cheribundi Bowl while cheering on our team to its first bowl game win!

UAB Majorette auditions will take place in the UAB Campus Rec which is located on campus along University Boulevard.  Parking may be found in the parking deck on the corner of 16thStreet and University Boulevard, or in the parking lot located directly across University Boulevard.  Each of these lots is a pay to park lot.  All those auditioning should allow ample time to stretch and warm up on their own before the audition process begins at 9am.  Upon arrival, each auditionee will fill out the proper audition paperwork. Please note that UAB Majorette auditions are closed to the public.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS: vertical 2-turn catch left, horizontal 2-turn, vertical 3-turn, toss illusion, toss cartwheel, splits (both R & L), layback and 3-baton showers/juggles (must do at least 5 consecutively).   These will be performed individually for the judging panel.

INDIVIDUAL ROUTINE:   Show the judges what you do best!!!  The routine should showcase your ability to successfully execute a prepared routine.  You will be judged not only on your twirling skills, but also on your showmanship, body technique, professionalism, entertainment value and physical fitness. Appearance and fitness is very important.  Multiple baton work must be included in your individual routine, as well as dance twirl steps.  Make it fun and upbeat…music and choreography should demonstrate what you do best. Entertainment value is super important! The routine time limit is 2:30 minutes. NO props allowed.  It is important to choose music that is engaging and tasteful.  Music that is currently popular on the radio is not always the best choice.  Music used may have no profanity or questionable lyrics.  Music used should be on a labeled cd.  You should write your name on your cd.  It is also best to have a back up cd just in case it is needed.  Please note there will be no phones or docking systems allowed to be used at the tryout; only cds will be accepted.  A back up copy is always suggested.

GROUP ROUTINE / ACROSS THE FLOOR MOVEMENT:  This routine will be taught the day of tryouts.  This allows the judges to see how well an auditionee can adapt to learning routines quickly.  This is also an opportunity to see how well those auditioning work and perform together. This routine will be performed in small groups determined the day of the tryout.  During the time of learning and performing this routine, judges are looking for quality technique, an ability to move past a mistake in a timely manner, a positive attitude and the overall performance abilities of each tryout candidate. In addition, all auditioning will learn an across the floor combination to perform for the judges.  Movement and body carriage is a big part of every performance, so it is important to evaluate these components at our tryouts.

ATTIRE:  A majorette uniform of choice should be worn for the audition.  You want to wear a uniform that fits properly; one that makes you look your best.  Tights with tan dance shoes should be worn…NO boots please during auditions.  Full performance hair and make-up is required. A shade of red lipstick that looks good on you is highly preferred.  Remember, a first impression is VERY important!

Auditions are closed to the public; this includes parents, siblings, friends, etc.  Only band personnel, judges and helpers will be allowed in the audition area.  The number of Majorettes selected each year is not a set number.  Upon the completion of the tryout, all judges’ decisions are final.

The UAB Blazer Majorettes are a proud part of the UAB Marching Blazers.  They perform at all home football games, select basketball games and other events on/around campus.  This past season, we travelled to the Conference USA Championship game, as well as the Boca Raton Cheribundi Bowl to perform and support our team. Other amazing travel opportunities over years passed have included the Bahamas Bowl in Nassau, marching in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland, the International Peace Parade in Rome, Italy, as well as Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the Daytona 500 and the BOA championships in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Becoming a UAB Majorette requires great commitment, but it provides an opportunity to truly showcase the art of baton twirling, as well as make long lasting friends. The UAB Blazer Majorettes are a high powered, high energy team that absolutely loves to perform!  For further information in becoming a UAB Majorette, please contact Stacy Arnold @  If you plan to audition, you should also contact and notify Stacy.

Make sure to find us on Facebook…simply search UAB Majorettes and “like” our page.  We may also be found on Instagram.  Make sure to follow us!

Again, thank you for your interest in auditioning to become a UAB Majorette.  We look forward to seeing, and meeting you, on April 13th. Good luck to you as you prepare for tryouts, and GO BLAZERS!!


Blazerette Requirements

About the Blazerettes:

The Blazerettes are an auxiliary unit of the UAB Marching Blazers, and perform on the field with the Marching Blazers at Halftime of all home games; as well as, one or two away games. We have also traveled with the band to perform at various local, state, national, and international celebrations such as state inaugural events, the international peace parade in Rome, Italy, and the St. Patrick’s day Parade in Ireland. This season we got to cheer on our Blazers and travel with them as they traveled to the Conference USA Championship and the Boca Raton Bowl.

To be eligible to audition you MUST be accepted to UAB, or to Jeff State/ Wallace State as a transient student by the time of auditions. There is a $20.00 audition fee.
Attire for tryouts will consist of a midriff dance top (color and style of your choice) and black dance shorts (style of your choice), tan jazz shoes, and skin color tights.  On the field and for performances, the Blazerettes wear their hair down and curly, with make-up fully done and red lipstick.  Hair and make-up should be done for tryouts to reflect what we wear for performances.
Audition Process:
Our auditions will be held on April 13, 2019 beginning at 9:00 am and ending no later than 1:00 pm. Auditions will be held in Studio 4 of the UAB Campus Recreation Center, and are closed to the public. You will need to have a prepared individual routine no longer than 1 minute.  It can be performed to the music of your choice, but please make sure that the music is tasteful with no foul language or questionable lyrics.  Your individual routine can contain the basic requirements but should ultimately showcase your skills as a dancer and performer.  Music for your individual routine must be brought with you to tryouts on a CD labeled with your full name.  Along with your individual routine, you will be required to demonstrate our basic requirements; as well as, perform a group routine and other short sequences to be taught the day of tryouts. Our Basic list of requirements are:

·         Splits (Right and Left)

·         High Kicks

·         Double Pirouette

·         Grand jeté (left and right)

·         Leap in 2nd

·         Leg Extension (Side and Front)

·         Calypso

·         Marching/Field Movement sequence(taught day of tryouts)

Other Information:

Candidates will also have measurements taken for uniforms on the day of auditions, but this is not part of the judging process. Judges scores will be based on performance and execution of the basic skills, technique, individual routine, marching/movement sequence, and the group routine. Please fill out audition paperwork and bring it with you to auditions. It’s never a bad idea to have TWO copies of your tryout routine music just in case there are any technical difficulties. The 2019 Blazerettes Dance Team will be announced the Monday after Auditions and there will be a Mandatory new team meeting on Saturday, May 4th, time to be determined.

For more information about Blazerette Auditions, please contact Kinlee Aviles at


Colorguard Requirements

Flags will be provided.
Attire is black dance wear.
Hair and makeup should be your performance day style. This is your choice at tryouts.
Results will not be announced the day of tryouts.

Fundamentals needed:
Drop Spins (right and left hand)
Pull/pole hits (right and left hand)
Thumb Flips (right and left hand)
Vertical tosses (singles and 1.5)
Flat/Horizontal toss
45 tosses (with stir/ without)

We will teach two short routines for you to present.

Please email for any questions

Jefferson State and Wallace State students are allowed to tryout and march with enrollment in the class at the college.