All Star Marching Band Full Band Registration

UAB ALL-STAR Band Day- Sept. 15th, 2018 vs. Tulane

FINAL- 2018 UAB Band Day Participant Packet with Map as of 9/9/18


We want YOU to be a part of the UAB All-Star Marching Band!  We are inviting outstanding high school students from Alabama and throughout the south to be a part of this incredible event!  The All-Star Band will perform at half-time of the UAB vs. Tulane game with the UAB Marching Blazers, entertaining a crowd of THOUSANDS in Birmingham’s Legion Field Stadium! We should have a large ALL-STAR BAND, and you can be a part of the excitement! Join us!

The event is open to all high school marching band members—woodwinds, brass, percussion, colorguard, majorettes, and dancers or drill team members.  Music will be sent out in advance so that musicians can begin learning it.  The mass band rehearses the morning of Saturday, September 15, and it will perform at the football game between UAB and Tulane that afternoon.

All members of the All-Star Marching Band will receive a t-shirt commemorating the event as well as admission to the football game, a food voucher for use at the stadium, water in the stands, and all instruction for the day.  Band members should wear their school’s marching band attire for the performance.  We will have a field covered in color and creating fabulous MUSIC!

PLEASE NOTE: At least one band director and one chaperone for each participating school must be present for the entire day. Also, this event is specifically intended to get as many high school students involved as possible. While we certainly recognize that you will need some chaperones, we ask that you bring no more than one chaperone for every ten students (unless required by your school/district). Tickets for additional family members are easy to acquire through the UAB Athletics website at

Cost to participate:  $25.00 – the cost covers admission to the game, t-shirt, stadium food voucher, drinks in the stands, and all instruction for the day.

Who can participate?

OPTION 1:  Band directors may choose to bring their entire band program to participate as a UAB All-Star Band.  Directors are asked to fill in the form with accurate numbers for instrumentation, t-shirt sizes, chaperones, and bus information. Each school is required to submit ONE printed registration form and ONE school or booster check/money order. Checks should be made payable to UAB Bands. Deadline for payment is August 31st, 2018 at 5:00pm.


Send form and full payment (check made out to UAB Bands) to:                
UAB Bands-Band Day
c/o Sean Murray
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Hulsey 208
950 13th St. South
Birmingham, AL 35294

OPTION 2:  Any band student who enjoys the marching activity and who wants to experience a college football game can participate!  Students must be in good standing in their home school band program.  Band Directors must sign a recommendation form for individuals who wish to participate. Accompanying parents must purchase a discount ticket to attend. (see below)

UAB BAND DAY Director_Recommendation_Form  (Required of individual applicants)

Individuals may click here to pay online with a credit card through our secure UAB Touchnet system.


Parents can purchase $8 discounted tickets directly for Athletics.  Click the link, enter the code BANDDAY as shown and the offer will show with all the details. The seats are located next to the band’s seating area.

Instrument and Equipment Transportation to Legion Field:

Each school will be responsible for their own instrument and equipment transportation. A representative of the Birmingham Police Department will inspect all instruments and equipment outside of Legion Field. Directors are asked to ensure that their students’ instruments and equipment are clearly labeled (on the outside) with their name and school.

Student Transportation to Legion Field:

Directors and chaperones are responsible for the transportation of their students to Legion Field. Students will not be permitted to ride the UAB busses with the Marching Blazers members. If you are transporting your students to Legion Field by bus (charter of school) please be sure to indicate on your registration form how many buses you will have, as well as if you will have an equipment truck. If you are transporting students in cars, you will pay for general parking at Legion Field. Parking prices range from $8.00 per car. We cannot guarantee admission to the games for bus drivers. Please refer to the stadium parking map on our website for further details.

Tentative Schedule:

The game time has yet to be set for this game. The time will determine the remainder of the schedule. A final gameday schedule will be posted to and sent to registered participants once that time is set by UAB athletics.

Instrument and Equipment Specifics

Woodwind & Brass: All wind students are required to provide their own instruments and accessories. UAB will not loan instruments to students.

Percussion: Unfortunately, the logistics of this event prohibit us from facilitating a front ensemble section. These musicians are encouraged to participate as battery drums or cymbals. Percussionists must provide all instruments, sticks, and mallets.

Colorguard: Due to the difficult nature of learning a choreographed routine, participants will learn a “pom” routine during rehearsal. Participants must provide their own “poms”. Video links will be sent out to registered participants and posted on this webpage prior to game day.

Twirlers/Majorettes/ Dancers: Videos links will be sent out prior to the game for routines so that performers can practice. Colorguard will be on flags, majorettes on baton, and dancers will have a dance or “pom” routine. Video links will be sent out to registered participants and posted on this webpage prior to game day.

Packing Checklist

Print this document to check-off items as you pack

___ Instruments: UAB does not loan out instruments or equipment.

___ Instrument accessories: Reeds, Cork Grease, Valve Oil, Cleaning Swabs, Mouthpieces, Brass Mutes, Ligatures, and Percussion Sticks/Mallets. Bring it all – you never know what you’ll need!

___ Music: Sheet music will be distributed via email to all participating bands as soon as they register. It is the Band Directors responsibility to distribute this music to their students. Music will NOT be available when you arrive at UAB.

___ Flip Folders: Students will definitely want to have these for their music.

___ Uniform: Be sure to refer to the requirements listed in the prior pages of this packet. Students are encouraged to wear casual clothing for the morning rehearsal and then change into their uniform before entering Legion Field

___ Water, water, water. Please make sure that you bring enough water to keep your students and chaperones hydrated throughout the day.

___ Poncho/Sunscreen: Umbrellas are NOT permitted into Legion Field so you are advised to bring a pocket poncho with you. Please check the daily forecast as we get closer to the event.

___ Additional money for concessions, souvenirs, etc.

Students should wear comfortable clothes for rehearsals in the morning (shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes, etc.)

All band directors sending students to participate in the All-Star Band will receive 2 free tickets to the game.

Directors are asked to please wear a polo or t-shirt with your high school’s name clearly visible.