2016 UAB Summer Music Camps – REGISTRATION OPEN through May 1


June 8-11 – Beginners and Middle School Camp

June 12-17 – High School Band and Leadership Camp

With your participation in the UAB Sumer Music Camp, you become a part of the ever-growing UAB Band Family. Music Camp is a time to develop your individual and group skills, to share with others with whom you have much in common, and to make memories that will last for a lifetime!

To the students who enthusiastically participate in every theory class, every sectional, convocation, rehearsal, elective class, and evening activity—this week is about YOU. Your development as a young musician and your growth as a quality person are the reasons we have this camp. Our hopes for you are that you gain something new during our camp week that you will carry with you to your school band program and share it with other band members in a way that gets them as excited about music as you are. We also hope that you make new friends and meet professional musicians with whom you will keep in touch and continue to build strong relationships through sharing music and good times.

To those of you who support a student in the UAB Summer Music Camp—we thank you for making this opportunity a reality for your loved one. We realize that being involved in music can be expensive, and you have choices to make. Thank you for trusting us at UAB with the musical, physical, and emotional well-being of your student. You honor us, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with such incredible young people.

UAB High School Band & Leadership Camp

Dates:   June 12-17, 2016 (Camp Finale Performance: Friday, June 17th at 7PM)

Prices:   Residential Tuition: $525

                 Commuter Tuition: Extended Day, $400( 9AM-9PM); Day, $350 (9AM-5PM)

A wonderful musical opportunity awaits you…the UAB Bands High School Band and Leadership Camp at the University of Alabama at Birmingham! We are incredibly excited to offer you a comprehensive week-long musical experience right here in our own Magic City. The week of fantastic music-making opportunities includes a full band experience, small ensemble participation, and elective opportunities in music theory, literature, conducting, music technology, and jazz improvisation. New to the Camp this year is  a marching band aspect. We’ve added out-door marching rehearsals and marching band leadership classes.

This camp is designed for students in grades 9-12 for the 2016-2017 school year. It will offer beginning and advanced training in marching band techniques including visual, musical, and leadership fundamentals. The rehearsals and leadership classes will be taught by local music educators who are highly skilled in the area of marching techniques and leadership.

Students will be well-supervised at all times during the camp. In addition to the instructors’ presence throughout the day, graduate students and senior music education students at UAB will act as counselors and will be available to students 24 hours a day. The dorms are secure and are staffed by university-hired resident assistants and UAB security. My point in mentioning all of this:  although UAB is seen as a “downtown campus,” it will certainly feel like a safe and comfortable environment—rich in culture and highly conducive to great music making.

Students may participate either as day students from 9AM-5PM, extended day students from 9AM-9PM, or full-time residential students who stay overnight in campus dorms.

 Join us June 12-17 for one-of-a-kind musical experiences!

 Staff will include: Gene Fambrough, UAB; Cara Morantz, UAB; Jerell Horton, Vestavia Hills HS;  Scott Waid, Hewitt-Trussville HS; Jon Bubbett, Thompson HS; Joel Henson, Clay-Chalkville HS

Tentative Daily Schedule

8:00AM: Breakfast (Residential Students)

9:00AM: Outdoor Marching Fundamentals

10:30AM: Indoor Music Rehearsal/Full Band

11:30AM: Lunch

12:15PM: Leadership: Section Leader and Drum Major Classes

1:30PM: Elective Classes

3:00PM: Indoor Music Rehearsal/Sectionals

5:00PM: Dinner (Day Students Dismissed)

6:00PM: Outdoor Marching Rehearsal

7:30PM: Activity

9:30PM: In Dorms (Extended Day Students Dismissed)

UAB Middle School Band Camp

Dates:   June 8-11, 2016

Prices:   Beginner: $125

                Middle School: Residential, $350; Extended Day (9AM-9PM), $250; Day (9AM-5PM), $215

The UAB Middle School Band Camp is designed to benefit Middle School and Beginning band members. Middle school students will have the opportunity to perform music with other students their age in ensembles taught by area Middle School band directors. They will gain the experience to play new, age-appropriate music while they fine-tune their sight-reading and music-making skills.

Beginning band members will have their own unique experience. Guided by UAB Professors and students and other Musical Professionals, beginners will have an intensive, hands-on, half-day workshop where they will learn the basics of their chosen instrument. They’ll learn basic playing skills, proper posture, and other important facts that will give them a head start in their band classes.

This is a great way to spend a few days over the summer getting to know other band students and learning new and exciting things about music!

Staff will include: Gene Fambrough, UAB; Cara Morantz, UAB; Kim Bain, Pizitz MS; Chris Cooper, Homewood MS; Valerie Morgan, Simmons MS

Tentative Daily Schedule

Middle School Camp

8:00AM: Breakfast (Residential Students)

9:00AM: Sight-reading Workshop

10:00AM: Band Rehearsal

11:30AM: Lunch

12:15PM: Convocation

1:30PM: Masterclasses

3:00PM: Elective 1

4:00PM: Elective 2

5:00PM: Dinner (Day Students Dismissed)

6:00PM: Study/Personal Practice

7:00PM: Activity

9:00PM: In Dorms (Ext. Day Students Dismissed)

Beginners Camp

9:00AM: Combined Theory Lesson

9:30AM: Sectionals

11:00AM: Snack

11:15AM: Combined Review

12:00PM: Dismissal


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