Audition Information

The auditions will be very informal and as ‘painless’ as possible. We want you to be comfortable. By allowing you to choose your audition time and the material that you feel comfortable with, you will have a great opportunity to succeed. We will provide an environment that will allow you to perform at your best. We encourage you to bring your parent/guardian to the audition. After you audition, the Band staff can visit with you and your parent in order to answer questions and to clarify information about the UAB Bands.

How do I audition?

  • To Audition in Person:

Call the UAB Band Office at (205) 975-BAND (2263) to select an audition date, or you can email Dr. Murray directly at Auditions generally occur between October and May of your senior year in high school. On your audition date, report to Room 208 in the Hulsey Center: 950 13th Street S, and meet with the band office assistant 30 minutes before your scheduled audition time. She or he will take care of your paperwork, prepare your warm-up site, and assemble the individuals that will hear your audition.

What if I am interested in performing only in the Marching Blazers?
This group is open to any UAB student. Instrumentalists must perform a placement/part assignments audition in order to participate. Percussionists must attend the designated camps and auxiliary unit members must audition in order to be assigned a performing position in the group. For more information on these camps and auditions, please call or email the band office.

Office Phone: 205-975-2263

  • Audition Material:

For all Wind Instruments – four to five minutes of your best playing. Prepare all major scales at a comfortable tempo and as many octaves as your instrument and ability will allow you to play with a great sound. You may choose to include a short solo, concerto, or etudes that you may be working on with your band director or private teacher. Many students prepare All-State and All-District tryout material. This material makes excellent college band audition music. The material that you choose does not have to be difficult, memorized, or have piano accompaniment. Simply play at your level with the materials you have available.

Percussionists should choose material that represents the quality and range of your playing. You are encouraged to demonstrate proficiency in snare drum (both rudimental and concert styles), a mallet keyboard instrument, and timpani. Most students use All-District or All-State audition material, but solos or other appropriate materials are welcomed. Rudiments and/or scales will be a part of the audition (if you audition in person). If you are sending in a recorded audition, please include rudiments and/or scales on your recording.