Who is eligible?

We encourage all students to apply and audition for these scholarships. Students who will be music majors may have some advantage, due to the expected progress they will make during the next few years, but grants and scholarships are not limited to music majors. Any full time student at UAB is eligible.

What scholarships are available?

For those students earning scholarships, a UAB Band Scholarship ranges from 1.5 to 15 hours of tuition charges ($500 to $5000 per semester).

What does the scholarship require of me?

All scholarships require the student to be full-time (12 hours of credit minimum) and remain academically eligible (a 2.0 cumulative grade point average per semester). In addition, students are required to participate in certain ensembles, as assigned in the scholarship contract each student receives. Nearly all scholarships require participation in the Marching Blazers, and most also require participation in at least one additional ensemble (Wind Symphony, Symphony Band, Blazer Band, Jazz Ensemble). In addition, some scholarships will require a student to take private lessons as part of his or her UAB course load.

How well do I have to play?

The playing standards for scholarships are high. However, do not assume that because there are people who you feel play better than you do, you will not be considered. We have a number of scholarships and always award several on each instrument. Also, we equally consider and give high priority to those people we feel have high potential and can contribute a great deal to the band program at the UAB.